by Daniel New*

The number one, fundamental truth that makes the Declaration of Independence unique in the history of government is this:

It is the right of the People “to alter or to abolish” bad government, and to institute in its place better government.

In England in 1215, exactly 800 years ago, the legitimate Lords of the Realm did just that.  They forced King John to get the point, (or to receive the points of a multitude of swords), recognizing that he, as their Sovereign, had duties to them which could not be ignored, and that he must recognize their right to justice and to fairness from the Crown.  Result – the Magna Carta.  That’s a document foundational to American Liberty.

In Philadelphia in 1776, that’s 239 years ago, the lawfully elected representatives of the People, in lawful assembly, congregated (hence: “congress”) and asserted their right to Independence and national sovereignty. Result – the Declaration of Independence.  Building on Magna Carta, that’s a document of which the British are profoundly jealous, and wish they had one.

In the same sense that a man may be free of any relationships with any woman, or he may become entangled in one or more relationships, so it is with nations.  A nation that wishes to be independent may not “get into bed” with other nations, and still maintain that independence.  It gets messy.  Compromises are required, and Independence erodes at a concomitant pace.

Wikipedia defines it this way: “Non-interventionism, the diplomatic policy whereby a nation seeks to avoid alliances with other nations in order to avoid being drawn into wars not related to direct territorial self-defense, has had a long history of popularity in the government and among the people of the United States various periods in time.”

“Great” Britain is no longer great, it is no longer sovereign, and it has no real “empire” in the historical sense of the term. How did this happen? By a combination of events, planned in secrecy, and implemented by the enforcement of entangling treaties and subservience to “International Law” – something the 20th Century redefined and is now being perfected.  When Great Britain joined the European Union, their national sovereignty ended with a whisper.  The Commonwealth has virtually dissolved and become a shell of its former glory.  And the Englishman today is less concerned with liberty than he is with his football (soccer), rising only to express occasional alarm over his mystification and frustration at all the people around him with dark skin and strange clothing. 

As the global power-brokers move into the End Game of bringing the last great nations to their knees, and imposing World Governance upon that giant of national sovereignty, the United States of America, we see more and more treaties which are designed to bind us down to “international law” when it is impossible to pass a national law to accomplish the same thing. 

And then we have members of the Supreme Court using “international law” as precedent in American court cases!  How ludicrous is that?

Every administration since FDR has brought us more treaties and more executive orders and more deficit spending and more globalization.  The party in power is irrelevant.  Both major parties are committed to making sure that the USA is the dominating player in a field where we have no business even standing, much less playing.

No one here is saying that America is perfect.  But we are saying that the solution to our problems is not something that is going to be found in International Courts or the General Assembly of the United Nations.  We do not need people only six months away from cannibalism sitting in judgment on our laws.  We do not need socialists from Scandinavia ruling on whether our government aid is extensive enough.  We do not need Saudis (or any other ragheads) telling us about how we must practice and promote “religious tolerance” for them, but curtail it for our own people.  We do not need to see our sons and daughters fighting, bleeding and dying in unwinnable remote wars where there is no legitimate reason for us to be in the first place.  And yet this inexorable slide toward a one world government has been the determined agenda of both Democrat and Republican administrations for the past 70 years.

Communism didn’t die – it just relocated.**

It’s not like it’s a new strategy.  The “Bread and Circuses” of ancient Rome have become “Welfare and Sports” of the current generation. 

Even though every elected politician takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, there is ample support to claim that they either (A) don’t understand simple English; or (B) they are liars and the truth is not in them.  What, in Heaven’s name, does it mean to support and defend the Constitution???  It does not, it cannot mean that the president can make laws, that he can start wars, that he can rule by fiat.

So, the power brokers are going to do one thing – consolidate power. It’s the same thing they have done since mankind evolved through the miracle of Creation.  They will act in instinctive alliance against any attempt on the part of the People to become more free, more independent.

There is something you, as an individual can do.

Independence Day is coming up.  Get a copy of the Declaration of Independence and go stand on the steps of your county courthouse and read it out loud on Saturday, the 4th of July.

Get some friends to join you.  Better yet, get the local paper and radio stations involved.  See if a local radio station will set up and let you read it to your whole county, over the air!  With volunteer readers, it resonates with the whole county. 

The message of the Declaration of Independence is as revolutionary a document as you can imagine.  It states, without ambiguity, that it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish bad government, “and to institute new government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

 No matter which State you live in, there is a probability that the People are unhappy with their national government, and there are those seeking “to alter or to abolish” it.  Some are pressing for Secession.  Others want reform.  Both are the right of The People, according to the Declaration of Independence.

Read it out loud, and then teach its principles to your children and your grandchildren.  Sooner or later, a generation will rise up that values Freedom more than they value Security.

*edited by R C Wallace Originally received by email on July 4, 2015 from Daniel New

**There are many forms of 'big government' which have, can & do oppress humanity. The current world-wide threat is Technocracy, operated by the Global Elite, for the implementation, administration and enforcement of the New International Economic Order (NIEO). Leran more at