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Topic: Liberal (Social) Retardation

Some say it’s a genetic condition. Others; the effects of education or environment.

IMO: ‘Liberal Retardation’ is a combination of Nature & Nurture.

There are a few who are just not mentally capable due to physical defect.

But, mostly, it’s a sociological condition which results from the Individual’s failure to mature psychologically in two main aspects;
• Development of Self-awareness & Other-awareness (empathy).
• Learning & accepting one’s responsibility for their own thoughts, decisions & actions.

This systemic failure is fatal to free society.
This failure is most apparent in an attitude of entitlement, the end result of institutionalized welfare practiced in the guise of kindness.
Even a wild, free & independent animal caged & protected will become dependent & demanding of care & provision over time.

It is at this point of dependency, with the loss of our independence & self-sufficiency that we lose our humanity.
We become dependent on those who control our very survival.
We may still have human form, but in essence, we have become herd animals.

Ethical morals; principles & values; Rights & Responsibilities, are what free societies are founded on. Without common sense and decency, a unified and vibrant society is dysfunctional if not chaotic or self-destructive.

Anything, anyway that we can share and help instill this knowledge and understanding in the next generation will help ensure a better future for all.

As for me, I will fight & die for the the principles & values of a free society;
those which are codified in our American Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

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