Statue of George Washington

Operation American Spring

More than two centuries ago, a group of wise and courageous Americans laid the foundation for the most powerful, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Unfortunately, in the years that have followed, revisionists and historical debunkers have taken great pains to cast doubt upon the character and motives of our Founding Fathers.

These attacks are unfortunate, but their greatest damage often lies beyond the intended target. By discounting the virtue and honor of the Founders, many 'historians' have effectively cast doubt on the work those Founders  accomplished.

There are still those who believe that the American government must be restored to the constitutional system envisioned by our Founding Fathers. A first step in that direction involves restoring our belief in the Founders themselves as the great and noble men they truly were.

These are the true American Patriots who will through their courageous sacrifice will inspire and encourage the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

The movement is being referred to as Operation American Spring. It is becoming a groundswell that is uniting Americans in a common cause. Visit for more information and to get involved.