Congressman Steve King (R-IA) recently suggested Americans consider a “Velvet Revolution”

Socialism and the US Constitution are incompatible. America has been at war with Communism for 90 years and many proud veterans have given their lives to protect America and to liberate other countries throughout the world from this oppressive form of government.

Contrast this with Obama. Now there is overwhelming evidence that Obama is a Marxist that has been surrounded his entire life by Communists, Socialists, Marxists and Maoists. For example, Obama's former spiritual leader for over 20 years, Rev. Wright, is a Marxist and so, too, is Obama's current spiritual leader, Jim Wallis. Further, it is an indisputable fact that Obama has appointed Communists, Socialists,
Marxists and Maoists to his administration. As a Marxist, Obama's pledge to uphold the US Constitution is worthless, as evidenced by his words and his actions since his election.

Obama's goal is to fundamentally transform America (to Socialism or Communism or worse). He is attempting to destroy America from the inside.

Obama plans to humilate you to break your spirit. For example, he has ordered America soldiers to march with Russians in Red Square under the placards of Joseph Stalin. Will you stand for this?

Obama's campaign and supporting media was and still is funded in part by felon socialist, George Soros, whose goal is worldwide socialism. Soros has visited Obama at the White House. Bill Ayers is Obama's former boss and the person who helped launch Obama's career. Ayers is a communist who hates America and he is a US Government terrorist bomber with long-term relationships and interactions with Communist Cuba, Communist Russia and Socialist/Communist Venezuela. Obama's most frequent White House visitor, Andy Stern, is a communist, whose interactions with Obama violate the US Lobbying Disclosure Act.

We just witnessed Congress approve a socialist-styled healthcare program, despite 54% of Americans in opposition and only 41% approving. Both the Communist Party and Communist Cuba's dictator, Fidel Castro, applauded Obamacare's passage. Now, 62% of Americans want to fight the Health Bill.

Marxist felon, Robert Creamer, conceived Obamacare in jail. Creamer was found guilty of bank fraud and is the husband of (D-IL) Congresswomen Jan Schakowsky, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Creamer's concept was transformed in a draft Healthcare Bill by the Apollo Alliance, a socialist organization.

There are over 80 in Congress who are or were members of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is associated with the Communist Party USA. Declassified FBI files show that the Communist Party USA is an organizational department of the Russian KGB. At least one member of Congress actually kissed Castro while visiting Communist Cuba. A large number (80 - 225) of socialist Democratic Congressional members approved the Healthcare Bill. NY Senator Charles Schumer was secretly recorded plotting to alter the US Constitution so that socialist Democrats could remain in power.

The Obama administration has implemented a series of unconstitutional government takeovers of private industry, including Wall Street firms, banks, auto companies, national healthcare, insurance companies and student loans. Obama is rapidly redistributing and wasting the wealth of Americans at an alarming pace. The Healthcare Bill alone will redistribute $409 Billion of American wealth. Obama and numerous members of his Administration have been videotaped describing their plans to redistribute the wealth of American citizens.

It is well documented that Obama and his Administration lies to Americans (daily and a lot). The White House has attempted to control the US media and has routinely disseminated misinformation on its objectives and performance. Crime and corruption is open and widespread in the Obama Administration. For example, there are already over 730 charges of fraud and waste in Stimulus Plan funding thus far. A much larger list of suspected crimes and constitutional violations committed by Obama's Administration and members of Congress has been prepared. Further, the Obama Administration has demonstrated support for terrorists who are bent on destroying America.

The US Government is now dysfunctional. A recent poll indicated that 9 out of 10 Americans believe Congress is doing a terrible job. Both the Democratic Vice President and the House Republican Leader have described Washington and Congress as “broken”. This is because socialist politicians are in direct conflict with constitutional politicians and the majority of Americans.

Massachusetts' Democrat Treasurer, Tim Cahill, is emphatic that the Healthcare Bill will “wipe out the US economy within four years” and he would know, since Massachusetts now has a failing healthcare program like Obamacare. Healthcare constitutional challenges may take four years or more to reverse and it is not at all certain that the Healthcare Bill will be deemed unconstitutional.

Obama and the Socialists Democrats next intend to use Healthcare Bill strong-arm, dictatorial tactics to ram immigration reform past a majority of Americans, no matter what they think. They also will try to give voting rights to felons. The reason for doing so is to flood election ballot boxes with the votes of 11-25 million former illegal aliens and 4 million felons so socialist Democrats can remain in power, shred the Constitution and fully transform the US into a dictatorial Socialist-Communist nation. Thus, a near-term American Velvet Revolution may be needed right now to halt Obama's Socialist Transformation Plan for America and to save the US Economy from complete and total collapse.

So How would a Non-Violent and Legal Velvet Revolution Occur?

There are far more US citizens than US government officials and this fact is what corrupt politicians fear most. If one million American Velvet Revolutionaries were to protest Obama for a week, it would paralyze Washington.

Americans will not readily embrace a violent overthrow of a US Administration. Americans will, however, support peaceful demonstration and the uncovering and eradication of crimes, corruption and destructive and/or subversive foreign influences on their government officials, especially if our US Constitution is threatened. Our First Amendment rights permit such actions.

The Tea Party is the most likely pro-Constitution organization that could trigger and create a Velvet Revolution. The photos you see in this article were taken at the 09/12/09 event. 1.7 million people suddenly appeared in Washington, DC to express their displeasure with Obama. The Tea Party can almost immediately call for a Washington, DC protest and, on short notice, hundreds of thousands and, perhaps, millions of people can surround the Capital and the White House and stay there until citizen demands are met.

Potentially appropriate demands Velvet Revolutionaries might make are:
  • Independent investigations into a long list of suspected crimes and corruption by US government officials.

  • Full FBI background investigations on Obama and other Progressive/Socialist members of Congress to determine and expose their full relationships, funding and on-going interactions with communist, socialist and terrorist foreign countries, organizations and agents, such as the communist-led SEIU, ACORN and AFL-CIO organizations, the Communist Party USA, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Russia, etc., to determine if one or more foreign governments are influencing or directing these politicians.

  • Citizens' demands that accused politicians (such as Obama, his Administration and/or Congress members) step down until independent investigations and/or public trials are conducted or alternatively that all current Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Maoist and Progressive government officials agree to resign and no longer work for US Federal, State or local governments for the remainder of their lives. Note: in the interim and until new elections can be held, all 50 US States' Governors and Attorneys General might take control of the Federal Government through a process they would jointly define.

  • A demand to see Obama's actual credentials, such as his passport, the Obama/Dunham marriage license, the Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, the Soetoro adoption records, his kindergarten records, his Punahou School records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia College records, his Columbia thesis on "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament", his long-form birth certificate, his Harvard College records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his Illinois Bar Records, his Baptism certificate, his Illinois State Senate records, his Illinois State Senate schedule, his law practice client list, his University of Chicago scholarly articles and/or other documents Obama is secreting. Obama has spent $millions in legal fees to prevent Americans from knowing his background. This demand would, once and for all, determine whether Obama is officially qualified to serve as President. Therefore, this demand might be the highest priority of the Velvet Revolution, since it has the potential to immediately reverse every action Obama has taken, if Obama is found to be unqualified to have served as President.

  • Since communism and socialism are fundamentally opposed to the principles of the US Constitution, another citizens' demand might be the requirement that all Government and Government-funded workers sign a condition-of-employment “Loyalty Oath” (i.e., an oath that prohibits them from associating with communists, socialists and terrorists).
Non-Violent Revolution

American Velvet Revolutionaries would need to employ strict Mahatma Gandhi-style, passive, sit-down strike techniques during times of potentially violent confrontation. Examples might include:
  • Going limp and/or chaining themselves to each other or fixed objects if arrests were attempted.

  • If guns were pointed at them, the Revolutionaries might put rolled-up copies of the US Bill of Rights into the barrels of these guns.

If Revolutionaries are beaten, attacked with water-canons, tear-gassed or shot, the violence would be photographed with videos and photos sent around the country. Government or counter-revolutionary violence against passive Revolutionaries would instantly create great public outcry. Substantially more citizens would then join in the protest and the American Velvet Revolution would be quickly won. This is what occurred in Czechoslovakia.

Corrupt government officials could become dangerous once they become concerned for their personal safety and/or ultimate incarceration. This is why the Oath Keepers were formed. We already know government officials are well organized and could be receiving significant funding, guidance and support from global socialist organizations and/or communist country governments. So it might be wise to give corrupt government officials a chance to leave their posts voluntarily in exchange for minimal or no prosecution, provided they agree in writing to strongly binding terms.

Duration, Preparation and Local Coordination

The American Velvet Revolution might take as little as 1-2 weeks to achieve its goals, but it could take months. So Revolutionaries would need to prepare themselves for a long-term stay, perhaps “working in shifts”. One possible example option: We have 50 States. Each State can be designated to protest as part of one continuous wave of revolt. If 1-2 States attended at a time, staying for a full 2-day "shift", there would be 50-100 days of continuous protest coverage before each State's next shift. Meanwhile, America's growing number of unemployed can attend round-the-clock, perhaps with goods and services donated by small and large businesses that believe in America and American capitalism, not socialism. Businesses that like capitalism can also offer paid absense and/or travel to have their firm represented during the protest by one or more of their employees who volunteer.

A Revolutionary's backpack might include such items as a tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag, canteen, rain poncho, cooking kit, freeze-dried food, flashlight, trenching tool, gas mask, first aid kit, a change of clothes, soap, cell-phone, pen and paper, and video camera. Items such as these could make excellent donation (and perhaps shared use) items. How clever citizens are about settling in for the long term will be key to a Velvet Revolution's success, and we know Americans are smart!

Revolutionaries will need to establish a system of “elected local leadership” to decide who will represent them in dealings with the press, public and government officials. These leaders will also be needed to ensure the local wellbeing of the large numbers of local Revolutionaries involved in the protest. For example, leaders may be needed to organize donations and provide the provisioning of food, water, toilets, power, communications and emergency medical care for the protesters. Volunteer ex-military veterans can train Revolutionaries how to camp out on the Capital lawn.

Funding will help this effort. If ACORN can do it, Americans can go door-to-door and ask for donations, too. With over half the country strongly opposed to this Administration, the amount of donations that might be raised for this effort could be staggering. Immediate Tea Party planning will be essential.


Opposing communist organization citizens (SEIU, ACORN,, etc.) might march against the Velvet Revolutionaries and attempt to create a civil war. Again, non-violence is the path to take if this occurs. The counter-revolutionary scenario is, however, unlikely if strict non-violent protest techniques are used. Why? Because counter-revolutionaries will be greatly out-numbered and because these small, fragmented groups will not be as organized or as motivated as the Revolutionaries.

Velvet Revolution Timing?

One can assume that halting a corrupt and destructive Administration sooner, rather than later, is preferable to mitigate further crimes, corruption, government takeovers and socialist transformation. A minimum of two months is probably needed to fully organize a number of Revolutionaries large enough to act as the first major wave of the revolt. However, since public outage is currently so high, and because America is at stake, mobilization may occur faster and, perhaps, in as little as a week.

Local Velvet Revolution protests could occur in parallel at selected Congress member offices. US Government and selected commercial business employees could be encouraged to stage “sick-outs” on certain dates, in a manner that is similar to what occurred in Prague. Businesses could be encouraged to provide support to Revolutionaries in the form of food, water, shelters, electrical generators, Wi-Fi and the like.

Politicians and government officials who do not support socialism could no longer attend Congress and cease meeting with Progressives. Instead, they can help, but not lead, the revolt.

The moment this happens, the socialists will have lost. Obama, “The Emperor Who Has No Clothes”, and all his minions, will then stand naked and exposed in front of America. Power will change hands quickly and America will then get back to being “The World's Beacon of Light for Freedom” once more.

What May Happen Between Now and November 2010 if an American Velvet Revolution Does Not Occur

Based on what we have observed from Obama, thus far, and in Hugo Chavez's Socialist/Communist takeover of the Venezuelan people, events that could potentially occur are:
  • Greater government control, takeover and/or shutdown of conservative TV or radio (i.e, Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, etc.).

  • Greater government control, takeover and/or shutdown of the internet.

  • Additional government takeovers without the consent of the people.

  • An attempt to transfer US sovereignty to the United Nations or other authority.

  • Greater government gun control or the outlawing of guns.

  • Unconstitutional arrests of US citizens who are opposed to the Obama Administration and/or the creation of detainment camps.
What will you do then?


The Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution

On November 17, 1989, riot police suppressed a peaceful student demonstration in Communist-ruled Prague. The event sparked a series of popular demonstrations from November 19 to late December. By November 20, the number of peaceful protesters assembled in Prague had swollen from 200,000 the previous day to an estimated half-million. A two-hour general strike, involving all citizens of Czechoslovakia, was held on November 27. Eleven days after the initial student protest, on November 28, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakian announced it would relinquish power and dismantle the single-party state. 12 days later on December 10, President Gustáv Husák appointed the first largely non-communist government in Czechoslovakia in over 40 years, and then resigned.

  Knowing Obama as he does, on the evening of the House Healthcare vote, Al Sharpton claimed publicly on camera, “The American public overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected President Obama” and Obama "has delivered what he promised."

Is Al Sharpton's statement correct? Did America vote for Socialism? Isn't Socialism a form of government that cannot co-exist with the US Constitution? Don't socialist governments usually and ultimately result in dictatorial, elitist communist rule, with poverty for the masses?

There is a tremendous and overwhelming quantity of facts that show Obama, members of Obama's Administration and members of the US Congress are Marxists-Socialists-Communists-Maoists. So, isn't it more likely that Obama and many others in Congress have decided (on their own) that they want to transform America into a socialist/communist nation? Should Americans allow the US to become socialist? Or should they protect the Constitution and remove these socialists from power quickly before they do any more damage to our country than they already have?

Time for Your Thoughts

The preceding is our best efforts at brainstorming what an American Velvet Revolution might entail after considering Congressman King's suggestion.

What are your thoughts on this interesting topic?

Do you think it deserves a national debate? And do you think it deserves immediate action?

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